3 Henkel Interns standing next to each other, smiling at the camera

Šesť hlavných dôvodov, prečo sa prihlásiť na študentskú prácu v spoločnosti Henkel

Henkel intern

3 learnings from Nina

For Nina, there are two things that convince her of Henkel as a workplace: The international team and dedication for big ideas. Also, there’s one particular reason why she can now look back on great achievements!


3 questions for Alam

As an intern in Corporate Human Resources, Alam finds diversity a key factor of Henkel’s culture. But there are a few more reasons why he considers Henkel a potential future employer - after only one month in the game.


3 insights from Claire

After one year at Henkel’s Research and Development Department in Beauty Care, Claire has not only seen new innovations evolve but also learned how to own them. Furthermore, she now understands the benefits of a strong intern community.



02 Apr

Career Fair

Mannheim, Germany

21 Apr

International Business Fair

Reutlingen, Germany

21 Nov 22 Nov


Cologne, Germany

21 Apr

Fakultäts­karrieretag Köln

Cologne, Germany

20 Okt 21 Okt


Career Calling Digital Days 2021

07 Okt


Career Day der FHWien der WKW

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